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Prayer requests for TB Joshua are frequently posted to this website. We also receive the occasional answered prayer posting that mentions TB Joshua and SCOAN, which is the Synagogue Church of All Nations operating out of Lagos, Nigeria.TB Joshua

The Christian Prayer Network is not associated with TB Joshua or SCOAN.

Like TB Joshua Ministries we operate a global ministry. However, we are based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and should not be confused with the Lagos organization.

We believe that all prayer requests brought before God in the name of Jesus Christ are heard by God. We do not believe that prayer requests sent to God through a particular individual are stronger, are more likely to be answered to one's desire, or hold any special status in the mind of God.

That said, while Search The Bible Ministries does not endorse TB Joshua or SCOAN, neither do we have an opinion as to the legitimacy of TB Joshua Ministries, trusting that through His Holy Spirit God helps us all to discern the truth.

Your prayer request posted here is made available to the The Christian Prayer Network prayer warriors who number in the thousands. Your faith in posting your prayer request, along with your own faithful prayers and those of our prayer warriors are sufficient for God to hear your prayer. Trust that God, and God alone through His son Jesus Christ, is able and sufficient to meet your needs.

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