We have 6 children and have not been able to go anywhere all together in years.
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We have 6 children and have not been able to go anywhere all together in years.

Posted by: aliciavick on 12/30/2017 6:06 AM

My family is in need of much prayer. We have 6 children and our relationship has been rocky. We need to be on one accord and my partner needs to rectify his childhood so he can be a better man. We only have a sedan and we need a bigger car. Before I said I didn’t want a minivan and I was being smug so I have had to pay for that. Whatever God chooses to bless us with I will accept. I lost the strength to fight the enemy and I am now gaining it back. I need prayer for these big events that I am planning and have coming up and with standing firm in God in the face of evil even when it is working through my family. If our finances would grow I think it could solve a lot of our problems. We have not even had $5 in the past week, but God definitely takes care of us. Pray for my strength, healing, and financial prosperity.

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Added by drf691

God, father
Hear the cries of your child for they are fearful of this world's lies and confusions. Let them not be afraid to march forward in granting all their lives unto you so that the power of your holy way not be overshadowed by the wickedness and temptations of the evil ones dedication to destroying their family and each other. May Jesus be the only name that they give praise to in offering their souls and lives unto your kingdom. Let the mockery and trickery of the world through financial instability be unbound upon them so your gracious favor, fruitfulness, and prosperity be furthermore in blessing them all with love, kindness, and sanctity. May the tyranny of sin and shackles of the unrighteous be lifted from their hearts that they may rely upon you through diligence and steadfastness to your word. May they work diligently in the spirit and let no man strike down what you bring unto them in your bountiful blessings.
Father we rebuke the spirit of uncertainty, the grip of less fortune, and the fearing of despair in Christ Jesus. We rebuke and cast out all demonic oppression and lacking in Christ Jesus. We rebuke and cast out the financial discourse and whimsical wrongings of this world through Christ Jesus.
And through you father may your Holy Spirit be given upon. them so they may be filled with your immense love and fruitfulness furthermore.
In Jesus name, Amen
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