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urgent prayer needed

Posted by: Drealynn4 on 8/3/2017 7:19 PM

Emma is 23, she lives far from us about ten hours by car. Tonight she is in the hospital after breaking her leg and hyperextending her knee while on a run. She fractured her tibfib and is in ALOT of pain right now. Pray there is no bleeding in the leg please and that the swelling goes down completely by morning! God is able! Pray that God reveals himself to Emma while she is in that hospital bed! Wisdom for the doctors and nurses too. THANK YOU xoxo send people to minister to her father❤️

Also Our son, Spencer for radical change in his daily routine and a new life filled with hope! He needs a job and has been searching since he graduated college. He has struggled w self worth and depression! Both of my children have struggled with a spirit of anxiety and depression ! It is a LiE from the enemy !! Thank you for agreeing with me for the glory of God to manifest to each of them and my husband, David. God is moving, the atmosphere has to obey and change. All darkness must go!

Topic: Healing

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