To live a debt free life
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To live a debt free life

Posted by: GWN on 7/24/2017 9:16 PM

My name is Grace,Iam born again Christian and have got a call to evangelize to youths since 2007 and have been doing so.The issue is my speed have been slowed by lack of finances since i got married in 2014.The devil has been fighting all our sources of income and we have closed all our business due to debts.Again our salaries are tied to loans such that we survive to live,eat,tithe and pay our bills.In April I got my 2nd born and I got a hospital bill to clear since I had a Cs.God has been good to us we have seen his faithfullness but what I need is prayers to live a debt free life,I want to be a giver not a borrower.I want to support the youths who are struggling thus they see God in their lives.I really need a finacial bresk thro pray for me!

Topic: Finance

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