Time critical.. 26yr old in coma
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Time critical.. 26yr old in coma

Posted by: Mnicholls on 12/18/2017 10:54 AM

Emergency! My dear friend Cole, whose 26th Birthday is today, fell into a coma early this morning, 3 days after brain surgery. Doctor's say first 24hrs critical to come out of the coma. Please pray for him to come out and to restore all brain function and memory. Thank you!

Topic: Healing

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Added by drf691

Lord, you are our God almighty. You have given us life, you have given us breath, you have given us everything that we have and shall be granted by your favor. Bless your child as they have been stricken with adversity beyond the control of this world. May they be free of the shackles that have brought them unto a suffering unlike before encountered. May their family reside in the spirit of hope and love that your will shall be done and whosoever believeth in you shall have everlasting life.
Father we ask that you reside in the hearts and minds of those that witness such a trial of faith that you are the almighty God and through Christ Jesus all things are for your goodness. Please be with your children and guide them, encourage their spirits, and lift up their heads this day that they shall not fear but know that you are God almighty and none shall be stricken down by the deceptions and misgeviousness of the evil one.
Jesus heal your child, be with them and give them light that surpasses understanding. May they be given love and peace that is of delight to our holy father, and may the burdens of distrust be lifted as you prepare the path for all individually to be found without lack.
In this day please be with the family of this young man, be with their spirits and let them know all is well for you are God and your loving arms are holding them and him dearly. Amen
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