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Strength to be ok

Posted by: RedArrow on 8/1/2018 3:31 PM

My son is going through a rough time and so am I. He feels there is not a problem with his weed addiction, but he has been disrespectful to me and is now out of my home. The police has arrested him 2x one time while he was in the home and the other time, with him being outside of the home because my sister thought he was going to hurt himself after seeing a text that he sent her. While my son was in rehab, I met a man who now I believe manipulated himself into my life. I say this because, I've had many tears and he has had many gifts from me. I'm crushed today because after many attempts from friends and family to tell me that this person I met was not for me. He now tells me, after calling me almost everyday since Nov 2017, that he's met someone else. Meanwhile in the same day, I'm realizing that as I was distracted from my sons recovery, and mine, being an enabler, that my heart, my mind, my soul is struggling. I need help in a supernatural way. The hurt I feel, that try to avoid everyday will not leave. I'm on antidepressants, I have a therapist, but this hurt has to take me somewhere instead of cycles.

Topic: Relationships

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Added by Paulyviz

I pray for both of you Red. I Pray the adversary to release His grip that affects your son and myself. That the HolySpirit will bring supernatural healing and work in your lives, protection both physically and mentally God Bless You and your son Red.. In Jesus Precious Name AMEN
Added by Husky27

I pray for you and your son. I pray that God will help you move past this difficult period in your life, and bring you happiness.
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