Sprit Broken
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Sprit Broken

Posted by: LynnQuinley on 8/27/2017 1:15 PM

Hi,My name is Lynn. I really dont know where to begin,im sorry.. Im homeless and iv never been in this type of situation. I been married all my life since i was 17.now im all alone and lost.The man i was married to cheated and mentally and physically abuse me for years.i lost myself and my voice and conferdence.i have 7 beautiful children who are my world.And ive never ever had to go without seeing and being with my children. Please help pray for me,please help me be strong and not so trusting with people these days.i try so ,so hard and try find us a home,and people so heartless and cruel stole from me and my kids.im broke and dont have noone.im all alone,ive always been a very good person and help who ever i can whenever.i got a big heart and ole soul,thats my downfall.i dont know what to do anymore. The more harder i try the more i get knocked down.please help me,please i cant go on without my kids.i got to get us a home some how,i dont have nothing.our trailer we had burnt to the ground with everything we owned inside of it.Im so alone and lost and confused. Cause i dont understand why..i been mistreated all my life from day one and still ..i just dont understand nomore. Please help me.please pray for me.pray for my kids, ohh god this is so.so hard. Thank you

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