Signed for loan for daughter and partner
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Signed for loan for daughter and partner

Posted by: Theresa Nagamany on 7/24/2018 7:23 PM

They both promised to pay of this revolving line of credit. The loan I had reached the max but because my daughters partner and her are having problems, the partner refuses to make payments as promised. He was jobless for 7 months and relied on my daughter and my loan. Now he just started a new job with pay of 100 k and has forgotten how I helped with this loan as my house as collateral. All I want is for him to make regular payments as I am a pensioner. He seems to have forgotten what lengths I have gone to in order to helpWe are going to have a meeting this evening.Pl pl pray for me

Topic: Finance

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Added by God'sServant

Our Father God loves us. He sees our needs and He will meet them. I know that God will meet your need. I pray for your perfect peace as you wait on the Lord in faith. Amen.
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