sickness of my sister
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sickness of my sister

Posted by: ANILKUMAR on 7/10/2018 9:32 PM

My sister name Sunita Rani, 42 years old having following problem, kindly pray

UTERUS :- Uterus is enlarged in size with e/o two large heterogeneous lesions seen in anterior body / fundal and posterior cervical region respectively – s/o fibroids (avg. size. 5.1cm x 4.2 cm each). Two smaller fibroids are seen in posterior body region. Endometrium in body region is pushed posteriorly by the larger fibroid described above. There is a well defined hypoechoic area (meas. approx. 19mmx11mm) seen in relation to cervical fibroid ? fluid in endometrial cavity ?? nature.

Topic: Healing

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