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Salvation. Healing

Posted by: Susi on 1/22/2018 1:15 AM

Pls pray for Christopher. He has schizophrenia and does not know the Lord.

Topic: Family

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Added by drf691

Father, may you reside from upon high into the mind of your child Christopher. May his family and friends be reached through your magnificent grace to continue to battle against the adversary's embarking upon your child. Grant his mind clarity and forthright deliverance from evilness of trickery that persists upon his mind and spirit. Lord we bind and rebuke the carelessness and wickedness that causes your child to be lost in the temple of you in his life. We pray you grant such a mercy of release from schizophrenia and haunting of the wickedness in shallow mind so your child may find sanctity and shelter in your name Christ Jesus. Amen
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