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Reunite loved ones

Posted by: KandR on 8/9/2018 12:57 PM

Please GOD I ask that your will reimburse me and Kaden. Please lift our hearts as they are broken. Please help Kaden bear this separation. He's sick a small child and he needs me as much as I need him. Father, I ask that you change the hearts of the people who have the power to bring us back together. I ask that they see and feel the power and live that you have for all of us involved so that they will realize the importance of helping me and Kaden remain as a family unit. I dare ask that Kaden's sister be allowed to join us as her rightful place in the family unit as well. We have all waited for a long time for this to happen. Many circumstances have changed for the better since all this began. So with GOD'S help and will this will all be a thing of the past and we will all be reunited in love as a family. Thank your Father and praise you in the name of your one true kingdom and your SON and ourLORD Jesus Christ.

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Added by Paulyviz

I pray for you to be reunited according to God's will, and peace be upon those who have made the decisions affecting your lives with healing through the Holy Spirit... In Jesus Precious Name ....AMEN
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