Prayer for family seeking wisdom and guidance from God
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Prayer for family seeking wisdom and guidance from God

Posted by: BDKTPA on 1/28/2018 4:49 AM

My family and I recently relocated back to the States as a result of the devastating Hurricanes in the Caribbean. We had lived abroad for twenty plus years. We are now transitioning back into this fast pace lifestyle. We do not want to get to caught up and forget God. We are asking for his wisdom and his guidance to governor our decisions going forward.
Thank you.

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Added by drf691

Please grant this family the leadership of your guidance and courage to stand fast iin their time of displacement. That though the waves of the world are often heavy and tumbnle us about that there is no greater than you and that your will always be done. Grant them safe passage and new found hope in and through their lives so that they are spared from the trickery of the devil in worry and anxiety letting only your way be the light of their path. Jesus please take their hands and be the forefront of their home. Amen
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