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prayer for all

Posted by: chitech on 12/12/2017 3:45 AM

Pray for me on 1 protection 2 that I may know who I'm in Christ 3 for the yoke of barrenes to break in my family( divine visitation )4 financial breakthrough and open doors. Thanks

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Added by drf691

Father, you have said to seek within our selves to find our selves truly believed in your word and make preparation for the forces of darkness to defend upon us should we be true followers of your way, truth, and light.
Let your radiating spirit glow evermore through your child for they call upon you in thus time of seeking. Let your knowledge, wisdom, and love be kindly gifted unto their life. Let your words be the gateway to deliverance of their soul and find that you are presiding over their life in goodness and mercy.
Let them be protected by the stronghold of your blessing of Christ Jesus in their hearts, so that no weapon forged against them in spirit, in physicality, in mentality, or in unwholesomeness be born against their requests for your protection. Let them take upon them the full armor of God in each day furthermore.
May they find resolve to who they are in your kingdom here on earth as well as in the heavens that they may stand affirmed in readiness for your favor and delight. May they never stop seeking you or presiding from your holy way to be that who you desire them to become. May they lead forth honorably and of integrity others to your righteousness that none shall surpass.
Please send forth your holy spirit and messenger unto their family that their hearts be overwhelmed with love and fruitfulness. May you free them from the bondage of barreness that has afflicted them in such a way that has made ready the course of the evil ones plots against them. Let them be still trusting and knowing that you are God and that you are the way, the truth, and life.
We pray for financial recourse and provisioning that they should not be without or fall succumb to the shadows of this world overbaring their rejoices unto you.
We bind and rebuke all evil spirits that dwell within and throughout their lives that have oppressed or repressed their measures of faith in you. We rebuke the spirit of wanting and lusting for that what is not ours by your holy name through Christ Jesus. We bind and rebuke all sinfulness and deception the evil one has used against them and their family in Jesus holy name.
By the light of this day may your child know you are the one true God and nothing is impossible for you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
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