Pray for my children
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Pray for my children

Posted by: Nfornyam on 9/2/2017 10:57 AM

My son Kenneth will complete a training in journalism on September 16 th 2017, and will need a job. Pray that he find a job and that he should be committed to the church, being a true Christian.
My daughter has two Masters but don't have a qualified job. She,s have a lot of set back in her life this past years. She should be a committed Christian and be married in Church. She has a son 1 year old, lives with husband since five years not married neither in Court nor Church.
She doesn't have any good job. She keeps promising to apply for other jobs but never do that.
Pray also for me to be successful in the training I will start this month and let God locate me a job also.
I thank God for you all

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