Please pray for my dogs, that they will both Be able to come home to me tomorrow
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Please pray for my dogs, that they will both Be able to come home to me tomorrow

Posted by: Joelle.McNamara on 12/9/2018 7:36 AM

Please pray for my dogs .. they were seized months ago. They were in a dog fight, that was not their fault. a neighbors dog was let out the front door and came charging at me and my dogs. Once they all met up a fight fight occurred. I I jumped In the middle and was bit all over. The owners daughter stood there not doing a thing but screaming which heightens the anxiety of the dogs .

The neighbors dog was off leash while mine were. their dog was hurt however my dogs could have killed her easily and did not. They were raised along other dogs and animals their entire life . Animal Control who was not their maw out assuring me it was fine. That their dog ran out and mine were leashed. a few days later a supervisor comes out. He tells me a completely different story from the neighbors. they say it happens on their property and now are suing us . It was in the street and there was a little blood to prove it .

anyway I have court tomorrow. I want to prove they should not be deemed aggressive because they simply are not. If they aren’t I can bring them home tomorrow. If they are it will be close to 4K for me to get them back. yes 4K dollars ! So I’m asking for all of your prayers please ❣️I haven’t seen my babies since March and it littlery destroyed me.

Inproat for a fair judge and for him to be able to see through there lies. Also of course bring the home tomorrow ❣️ thank u so much .. god bless

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