Please hear our cries Father.
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Please hear our cries Father.

Posted by: drf691 on 1/31/2018 10:28 AM

We need serious prayers for deliverance from the evil one and the evil presences in our home and throughout our spirits. We have been sought after and had many reconciliations with evil spirits living throughout our persons, whether or not we have prayed diligently for God's love and grace to befall upon our lives through Jesus Christ. We have been plagued by lies deceptions, and deceitfulness via the spirit of unforgiveness and I am suffering emmensly as a result such evils persisting in and against our family. I am becoming callus and unkind towards these persons carrying such wickedness and the fruitfulness of my own soul has been found quickened in approaching such adversaries with truth that often denies the person favor from Christ Jesus along with my self.
We have been in financial discourse unlike ever before as well as such tretcheries of sinfulness that though is not of the body demeans and diminishes our rightfulness of mind.
We truly need prayers for my bride, our children, our families, and my self that Christ Jesus come into our hearts fully and engulfs our souls with his holy spirit that we may reside in the grace and mercy of Almighty God.
I have given everything to make right what the evil one has taken from us and am on my knees with nothing but the word of God to stand through; we have withstood the fires and tretcheries of this world at such a cost that there is now a dreadful loss of love and kindness between us.
Please, by God's grace let salvation come unto our lives that we may reside in the holy places and our home be granted such love and compassion in God's favor as we go forward in each day furthermore.

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