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need power

Posted by: bluebeast on 12/31/2017 3:04 PM

I'm running a bit low on power and the Presence of God so please pray for me and bind the enemy spirits oppressing me. Happy New Year!

Topic: Urgent

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Added by drf691

Abba father, your child beckons for courage, wisdom, and guidance. Be with them and move through them thast they may trust in their hearts you will rouse and rebuke all forces of darknessthat strike up against them. We ask for your deliverance from all treachery of the mind, body, and spirit that you have allowed to come upon them so that they may be enriched and full in your mighty word. Let the spirit of Jehu and love of your kingdom be a stronghold in their hearts for you and let them not be rivaled in their voyage through this life.
Father bind and rebuke all demonic oppression and forces through their lives that they are delivered unharmed through Christ Jesus. Give them mercy and grace in that no matter the adversary tricks as Christ declared the devil is a defeated foe and who so ever believeth in Christ shall be saved and redeemed. May this day be an awakening of your child's spirit and love in Christ be encouraged for you alone are worthy and none shall diminish your might. Almighty God hear your child's requests, in Jesus name, Amen
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