Need of healing, inner healing, deliverance and help.
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Need of healing, inner healing, deliverance and help.

Posted by: Eireen on 8/1/2017 7:27 AM

Hello, I am Eireen and I am a christian for 42 years. I had a life full of traumatic events, and still face the consequences of a contract over my life with satan and many curses. I am ill for 38 years. Suddenly I am in financial debt. There seems to be no end to all misery, failure, sickness, problems, etc. I know The Lord died for all that. But I need healing and deliverance and prayer. Will you stand with me in prayer, please? Thank you so much. God bless you! The Lord has promised many good things for my life! I so much long to be able to function, be set free and healed and have a testimony of what The Lord can do!

Topic: Urgent

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Added by Prophet D.Kombe

I Have Come To Tell You Today That God Has Made An End To Your Tribulations And Problems In Jesus Name! God Is Saying Your Time To Arise And Shine Has Come You Tears Are Being Wiped Away Just Worship Him And Thank Him In Jesus Name! Those Tears You Were Shading During The Nights When Praying Will Be Turned To Joy! It Is Well With You In Jesus Name!
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