My unborn baby
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My unborn baby

Posted by: Flw6192 on 12/13/2017 12:40 PM

I am 20 weeks pregnant and the scan has showed clubfoot and heart defects. I am awaiting to see a specialist in fetal cardiology and fetal genetics to see if the baby has down syndrome or other abnormalities. Please pray to God with all your heart that he will heal my baby. I and my partner are absolutely heartbroken

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Added by drf691

Be still and know that God is all knowing, all giving, and all delivering of his will for your goodness. We often feel as if cursed by the manifestations of obscurities that are beyond our control and sometimes feel hurt by what trials or tribulations we must face in this lifetime.
In this your baby is well, even if they are to come unto this world with unforeseen circumstances the Lord your God is not without providing real love unconditionally unto you and your spouse. God does not diminish the spirit but provisions that we should accept that there is a path for us and a purposefulness granted that we should lead lives full of love regardless of that we cannot change. God is good all the time, and though perhaps your child may be born different let us pray the baby is received well by the world and through God's love given a great tasking for others to be delivered unto Christ Jesus so they too can come to know our holy father.

Almighty God; dad, upon your majesty you have given this family the opportunity to expand graciously in love and kindness unto each other and to their baby. You have allowed for them to break the chains of bondage set forth by the evil one in bringing forward a child that is seemingly with issuance of struggle before birth but we know is a miraculous blessing unto their lives.
Be with your children as they face the spirits of upsetting and agony as they may feel to blame or lacking in completeness due to what they do not know is part of your plan for their lives. And should their child be born with difficulty in worldly life let them take heart that you love all your children and none are without graciousness for your good and mercy.
Blessed be this day in your name as we ask that whatever ailments befall upon this couple and their child be not of the evil one or the evil ones devices that they should take a stronghold beside Christ Jesus in delivering their gratefulness unto you father.
Heal and mend their spirits and cast out all fear as you are the living God who can do all things so we ask that this baby be born healthy and strong, that the child be granted favor and blessings more so than imagineable, and that the child be given your holy spirit as a guide for their life through love and conviction of your true goodness.
Thank you father for your love, for your blessings, and for your mercy. Thank you for this couple and their unborn child. Thank you for each day furthermore and throughout all their days may you reign down upon them great triumph over any fears, doubts, or worry that the adversary may strike upon them.
In Jesus name we ask for clarity and compassion for all your children. Amen
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