My stepson
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My stepson

Posted by: CindysSparkles on 12/15/2017 10:08 PM

My stepson James III is 21 lives in Hawaii and is in jail waiting on being sentenced for threatening a store clerk and stealing an $800 wallet. He is looking at up to 20 years. He has a mental illness, Bi Polar and is addicted to drugs. My stepson really knows the bible inside & out. Before the drugs his dream was to be a preacher. He was on fire for God. He taught my husband & I so much about the Bible & gave us both a much better understanding of God, Jesus & how important it is to do your best to be a part of their kingdom. He just got lost. Please pray they give him a short sentence or put him in a mental hospital instead of prison to help him. Please pray he get off drugs and for him emotionally, spiritually and physically. Pray God really works on helping him. Thank you.

Topic: Family

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