my father, Jan, is in a coma
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my father, Jan, is in a coma

Posted by: davidvandeun on 7/4/2018 8:31 PM

On sunday the 1th of july 2018 my father, Jan, was hit by a speeding car while crossing the road. He fell on his head. He is kept in a coma now and the doctors say he has severe brain damage. They will try to bring him out of the coma on friday but they think he will not respond in any way.
Please pray that the Lord will heal his brain en that he will wake up. My father is a christian and is very active in Gods Kingdom. We still need him very much and we want Gods name to be lifted up among the many non believers who know my father.
thank You and God bless you

Topic: Healing

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Added by Paulyviz

I pray for Healing through God;s Ministering spirits. Also for your peace David Because of your great faith in Prayer... AMEN
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