My 10 yr old...
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My 10 yr old...

Posted by: MissLyss on 2/11/2018 9:11 AM

Hes always been so sweet and well behaved.. Until a couple years ago.. His attitude has changed drastically. He has become more and more narcissistic, devious, and has admitted on several occasions that he cares only about himself. We have tried every form of redirection imaginable but his behavior is only getting worse. He has no fear of consequences and feels no remorse for any misdeed. He has been stealing, lying, and just causing complete chaos everywhere he goes. We cannot afford Catholic school or military school, and, short of an exorcism, we have tried everything else. Counselors cant seem to reach him and medication is barely a bandaid. We have 2 other children that are being affected by his behavior and we are at a complete loss on what to do.....

Topic: Family

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