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Posted by: wanwanjialfred on 8/26/2017 1:20 PM

My wife of 7 years whom I love very very much has made up her mind to end our relationship and is convinced that it is the answer to her prayers. I have had past marriages that did not work out or were wrong. My first wife (Legal wife) had an affair and when I found out, we have been separated for nearly 10 years now. We have finally agreed to Divorce and legal proceeding are underway. However, my wife has given me only six months to sort this out but still maintains that it will not change her mind and she still wants to move on. I deeply broken hearted and want my wife to back. She is so stubborn and thinks that our relationship is wrong and she would not be committing Adultery if she moves on and marry another man. Despite sharing relevant bible versus with her, She is still very stubborn. PLEASE I NEED YOUR PRAYERS FOR MY WIFE (GRACE) TO HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART AND TO SEE HER DECISION MAYBE BE WRONG.

Topic: Relationships

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