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Posted by: Kathy head on 1/20/2018 4:29 AM

I ask for y'all prayers as God and me help me transform myself mind, body, and Soul. I claim my healthy miracle daughter this year and I know god will protect me and my new blessing cause of my unwavering faith cause I know their no job or situation to impossible for my God. My pray for my family and friends,you already know there needs. I pray for my friend Mr. Robert and my stepdad protect them lord and send your angel to supply their every need. Bless me mentality , spiritually, and financially to help my mother and children, the homeless and less fortunate, and the elderly people direct my path so I can reach the people who need me the most. I also want to be a blessing to my uncle James and aunt Terry. Lord touch the people I name right now in Jesus name. Lord you know their every need. You are a God that doesn't lie, you said in your words what you do for one your do for all. Lord show me your will and purpose for my life starting today. Give me everything I need to carry out your will and direct every feet of the way. I know their gonna be trial and tribulations down the road but I won't give up. Give me the anonnity, wisdom, strength,faith,passion, education,the word, spiritual motivation, financially, and whatever else I need to spread your words around the world and beyond. Align me with the right people to get the job done. Separate from the ones that mean me no good and don't share my vision in life. Protect me on this journey. I'm thanking and praising you in advance God.

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