If u could please pray for me
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If u could please pray for me

Posted by: Joelle.McNamara on 12/9/2018 7:25 AM

I was prescribed Adderall for my adhd years ago After going to another therapist She suggested that I really suffered from depression she wants me to stop taking the Adderall and start an antidepressant. That it Work better than the Adderall. The problem is the Adderall is addicting so for me to just even wean off of it I’m going to experience withdrawl which could last for days or weeks even and I’m scared to death,.

So if you could just pray for me to be able to wean off of it properly and be strong enough to continue to do it every day. Because I’m sure if I don’t feel good I want to continue to take it . However I want to take her advice and stop. I will be forever grateful. I already know this won’t be easy so I really need all the pros like a gap thank you so much in Advance❣️

Topic: Healing

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