I have 6 request
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I have 6 request

Posted by: Mlhughes0522 on 9/17/2017 4:01 AM

I have actually 6 prayers request
1. I pray i get one of those jobs I applied for Train Station Caretaker either Kingstree, Yemassee,,SC,or Fredericksburg,va
2. Had death in the family again this year in last 5 years I had 7 family members pray for encouragement for me and my mother
3. Mother is not good health i dont know how long I will have her give me strength when she passes away. I hope I am in better place emotional, place to live,money and support.
4. I do have a girlfriend she going a lot right now death in family,have cancer,she loves me but she have been pushing away because being scary, give me strength go through Battles together not alone. And she has Jewish background she become Christian not long ago she have hard making up her if she be full Christian or jew for Jesus.
5. I also pray for my girlfriend family they are Jewish and dont believe in god or Jesus I pray they see the light before its to late. Her father was rised Christian but walked away from it.
6.I been feeling alone,emotional, stressed,depression,worrying,I been going through a lot. I feel God has forgot about me but I know he hasnt so I pray He gives me 4 things a job,peace,comfort, my relationship with my gf or give me someone I can be with be here for me forever because I need it in my life.

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