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Posted by: Kimmie on 1/29/2018 6:25 AM

Praise the lord.. I'm asking for a prayer because I been living in a shelter with my grandkids and daughter for over a year now . It's been really hard trying to find our own place. Well I was working for sanation but it was seasonal. So I'm just praying that things change in my life. I love the lord but sometime I get dicouraged. So please pray that my situation changes nd that I never lose faith.. Thank you and god bless

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Added by drf691

God you are a generous God and your children are calling upon you to grant favor. Please hear their cries and deliver them unto your word so that there is no fear and worry. Let them be enriched in the abundance of your workings so that they know the amazing power of your way and your light upon their lives. Provide shelter unto them and a course unlike ever before so they no longer face such lacking. Let your name in Christ Jesus ring out and be heard by all as you grant them the gifts of your will unto their life and let their submission be the fortress of your grace unto them. Please Jesus, behold your child and grant them this day a blessing more so. Amen
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