Help clear my son's name
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Help clear my son's name

Posted by: Suze on 1/13/2018 2:19 PM

Please pray that the person that wrongfully accused my son of something he did not do will come forward and clear his name so that he can get reinstated back into his job. His career and future rely on this.

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Praying for your son
Added by Suze

Thank you for your prayers for my son. May God bless you!
Added by drf691

El Olam, Father, God Almighty may your children not face wrongful persecutions and worldly death. May the peace of your spirit be given to your child as they face much adversity brought upon them should they be accused of that what they did not do. Let the weight of loss be temporary in proceeding to lead them into your kingdom of love and mercy that is above this world's wickedness. Be they disciplines in your word that deliverance from the treachery of the evil one be their very salvation in Jesus Christ. Amen
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