Healing for my son and my self
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Healing for my son and my self

Posted by: thelmaaddai on 10/18/2017 11:30 PM

For the past 3 years my 12 year old son has bee suffering from severe joint pains in the ankles and feet. This has changed the way he walks, which doctors cannot understand, but has diagnosed juvenile arthritis, which affects children. I have been reading about this muscle pain in children online and I have learned that it affects children but does not specifically change the way they walk. I believe God is the only one to change the way we walk, so can he correct any deformity and alterations brought about by sickness or injuries. My prayer request is for healing and correcting my son’s walking back to how god he gave him to me. Amen.

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Added by Prophet D.Kombe

I Pray For Your Son In The Name Of Jesus Christ Son Of The Living God.. Distance Cannot Hinder Faith I Speak Total Deliverance In Your Son's Bones In Jesus Name! My God Heal This Family In Jesus Name! It Is Well With You
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