Gods presence & internal conflict
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Gods presence & internal conflict

Posted by: Montz9 on 7/24/2018 7:42 PM

Hello everyone. Lately I've been doing a really poor job and keep submitting into bad behavior. I am lacking the self discipline to stop myself. I always pray that The Holy Spirit can fill me and guide me away from temptation, but im still struggling. If you all could pray that God can guide me in times of temptation, and that he could reform me to act more rhiteously that would be greatly appreciated. Also And just as important, I am in the midst of spiritual warfare while I play the guitar. Of course my faith is set, Christ is my savior, and maybe this is Gods plan to grow me closer to him, but I am just haunted by a burden when I play guitar. Almost like an outside force sp asking evil to me, and I really want it to go away. I believe that prayer is the only way.

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Added by Paulyviz

I Pray for both of us for strength and patience in our lives
Added by Paulyviz

I Pray for the Lord to send His ministering Spirits to consume our lives in keeping us from temptation AMEN
Added by Paulyviz

And i'll keep praying !
Added by Paulyviz

Dear Lord, I Pray for strength and patience in Montz9 life. Please replace his yoke with yours Lord Jesus, which is light and easy... In Jesus Precious Name... AMEN
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