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fany bonding

Posted by: Desireen on 10/21/2017 3:12 AM

Dear Bros & Sisters in Christ,

Please stand together wt me in prayer pray for me n my daughter Belicia Lim Jia Yi relationship to be strengthen again. We used to be very closed and she often shares and communicate a lot . Recently years she seems so far from us and we hardly talk. I Can tell she is drawing a distance away from me and my hubby. We are very sad to see this happened to us and don't know how to approach her . Her circle of friends are non believer n she began to join in n think like them . When we try to talk to her we often ended up argument n unhappiness . Pray that Abba Father will soften her hard heart and she will realised it . Pray also she will be sensible enough to know how to think and that she will return back to God . She has been backslided for many years . Thank you for your prayer supports. God bless.

Topic: Family

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