Everything has fallen, yet it hasnt
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Everything has fallen, yet it hasnt

Posted by: Meganbeck519 on 7/24/2017 7:35 PM

I've started a new job and the job coming about is an answer to a 2 year old prayer I've been constantly searching for, everything else around me feels like it has fallen. Though I know it hasnt, I feel very worthless right now. Situations surrounding leaving my old job has been difficult and I fear I've burned bridges there, not for intently doing so, but this month has been rough. I've had cancer biopsies, hundreds of extra dollars of money flying out of my budget on unexpected car things, I've had no reliable phone because two have broken, I could go on. But God is good, I have no cancer, my new job is fantastic, my finances are always provided for according to the word of God, it's just my emotional state that seems to be in shambles. Please pray for me that this old chapter in my life closes without any complications, i get my head set in the future and not the past, and that our finances recover quickly. Thank you.

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