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Emergency deliverancehospitalization

Posted by: kakkerla.pramod1993 on 8/8/2018 7:05 AM

Sir I am kakkerla pramod goud fromIndia sir I am suffering withsevere evil spirits problem and severedemonic powers problem in head sirsince 2years I am suffering sir my parents taken me to manydoctors and astrologers sir they spend3lacs on me sir but thereis no use sir with myproblem my father expired with heartstroke sir my wife leaves mesir with all this problems Idid a suasaid attempt sir nowI am in iccu sir doctorsdid all tests and said inmy body total nerves are completelydead and they are in disorderand there is only 10percent insulinlevels is there in my body sir no use with powerful injections sirdoctors said my case is verycritical with in 12hours time ifany improvement in nerves and insulinlevels improvement up to 80percent tosupport the treatment if not thereisno chance to live doctors declaredsir I didn't know any otherprayer help sir if i diemy mother won't live sir iam the only son to lookafter her sir I will catchyour legs sir plz save mylife sir my all hopes onyou only sir I am waitingfora miracle sir plz save mylifesir

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Added by Paulyviz

I Pray for ministering Spirits through our Lord Jesus Christ to provide supernatural healing in your life and those around you to be protected from evil... In Jesus Precious Name .....AMEN
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