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Posted by: msfrisk on 12/19/2017 12:28 PM

I am sad and struggling. I fight depression and am in need of prayer. I am in a large amount of emotional pain.

Topic: Healing

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Added by drf691

Lord by your way be the truth, by your light be the radiance of peace and love everlasting. We are in a spiritual warfare unlike any other and face much adversity in dealing with the adversary. May your child receive blessings of life and love beyond words, in spirit through your holy way for their life. We rebuke the spirit of depression, anxiety, and fear in Christ Jesus. We rebuke and cast out the demonic forces of oppression and self pity in Jesus holy name. Jesus be with your child as their emotions are burdened with shame and regrets of sin that only you can redeem for their life; let them be found in your presence and receive blessings of life and love that only you can provide. Let your light shine through them in each and every day bringing the good word of your graciousness for them unto the world that you are given praise and glory. Be in their heart father and deliver them from the evil one and all the devices of darkness.
And in this day bring them a sign that by your will all shall be done, on earth as it is in heaven, that in this day a rejoicing of their spirit is given only unto you. Uplift your child and take away their anguishing, for the devil is an already defeated foe.
By your grace are we saved.
Grant peace this dayh unto your child that they should anguish no more. Ijn Jesus name we pray, Amen
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