Cancer of the neck
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Cancer of the neck

Posted by: on 7/26/2018 2:38 AM

My wife Kristin has a cancer lump growing on her neck. She has suffered from an autoimmune disease, too, which weakens the body's ability to manufacture white cells that can combat cancer. So she has for years been vulnerable to cancer. Tomorrow (Friday, July 27, the doctors will tell her if her cancer lump is malignant or benign. I am praying that the Lord's will be done, of course, but if the Lord's will is that the cancer is benign and can be cut out and give her a new lease on life then I ask that all of you beseech the Lord that this cup be allowed to pass, that her time here with me does not come so soon. She is 65 and we still have lots of plans for how to magnify the Lord's name in this life, if indeed He decides not to call her home just now. as a result of my prayers and your intercession on her behalf. Thank you all for laying my wife's welfare, both physical and spiritual, before the Lord.

Topic: Healing

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Added by Paulyviz

I Pray for you and your family Stephen and the Lordd's work in ALL your lives
Added by Paulyviz

I will keep Praying for us Stephen AMEN
Added by Paulyviz

I'm Praying for your wifes healing Stephen, and your strength!. And i'll keep Praying!
Added by Paulyviz

I Pray for supernatural healing in your lives. and Peace to alleviate your stress.. In Jesus Precious Name.. AMEN
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