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Posted by: Oribhabor on 12/29/2017 12:57 PM

Request for supernatural breakthrough in all aspects of life
Spiritual growth in area of my calling
Financial and work breakthrough
Against delays

Topic: General

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Added by drf691

Father, you said to seek the kingdom of heaven first and your child beckons unto you to deliver them from the tretcheries of this world; hear their prayers and in haste provide them clarity and consistency to be for your word that none shall come before thee and they shall have bountiful blessings gifted through your way for their life.
May they stand at the alter of your holy place knowijng and trusting that through your love and righteousness none are unseen or forgotten. That through Jesus Christ we have been redeemed and all things shall be given unto thee to those who truly believe in their hearts confessing their sins and delivering them selves unto you.
May your light shine upon them and radiate through them each day forth that should their lives be brought upon by the evil one and the decices of this world that they stand forthright beside you in prayer trusting you will deliver them. By your will shall all be overcome and the voice of the mountaintops tremble the earth before your children, grant favor to your child this day forth in Jesus name, Amen
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