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Posted by: Leah on 7/11/2018 8:01 AM

Forgiveness. Praises. I pray for divine healing and bonding of this relationship. Bring us back together strong and grown past our differences, conflicts and misunderstandings. Grow us to compliment one another perfectly and fully support one another as well as to have the wisdom to know when to step back and allow personal growth. Heal our hearts and minds from the hurt we have shared in the past. Give the energy and let us be fully equipped to pursue one another intentionally and without fear. Heal us of any emotional scars from our individual pasts, holding us back from success together or bringing us personal conflict or pain. Protect and keep us. Keep us above all negativity and ill intent. Grow our trust and confidence in one another to be strong and above what may be thrown at us. Bring us to a fruitful marriage together. Grow us closer through our goals and ambitions. Give us success and stability, as well as emotional stability together. I separately uplift my family, their health, prosperity and wisdom. I uplift some friends situations. Let them feel Your presence and healing. I uplift a friends marriage. Heal them thoroughly. Bring them back together and let them be a positive example. Heal all those negatively affected. Heal my mind from superstitious thought and my life from any curses. Unspoken. Heal my social anxieties.

Topic: Relationships

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