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As our name implies, we are a network of Christian believers who pray for each other, and for you.

When you join The Christian Prayer Network you profess your faith that God answers the prayers that are placed before him in the name of Jesus Christ. You may join our network if you would like us to pray for you and / or if you feel led to pray for others. We encourage you to take the opportunity do both.

Everyone is welcome to join The Christian Prayer Network from any location, whether you are Catholic, Baptist, Orthodox, Evangelical or of any other Christian denomination.

If you're just seeking God and are curious about the power of Christian prayer, you are also welcome here. Your faithful God wants to hear from you.

Membership is free, but we do rely on donations and sales revenue collected here to cover administrative costs. You are under no obligation to donate or make any purchase. We will pray for you regardless. But if it is within your means to support our mission we are most grateful.

Founded in 2008 as the Prayer Requests forum on the Search The Bible Internet Mission website, The Christian Prayer Network now counts its members in the thousands, and we have recorded many thousands of prayer requests submitted by everyday visitors such as you.

We believe God answers our prayers, and the regular feedback we receive by way of praise reports upholds our belief. We trust that when you step out in faith, our God will allow you to add your own praise report and give him all the glory!

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